New England Search and Rescue (NESAR) conducts search and rescue operations in cooperation with local, state, and federal agencies.

NESAR members hold themselves to a high standard, continually striving to learn the most current methods in Search & Rescue (SAR) operations and applying them in the field.

Our members are professional first responders that meet or exceed the SARTECH II standard and are also certified in ACLS, NIMS, and PALS.


NESAR’s mission is to perform SAR operations at the request of, and in cooperation with, local Public Safety, Fire and EMS departments, environmental management teams, and other local, regional and state agencies throughout New England with 24-hour emergency response assistance for ground search and rescue operations.


NESAR’s team members include EMTs, divers, firefighters, LEOs, and a small dedicated Operations Support staff,  that volunteer their time to save lives and promote pubic safety. NESAR is not currently accepting new membership applications at this time.



The New Member Training Cycle

New membership applications are expected to begin in early 2019, when we will begin a new training cycle. New members are required to attend two weekend-long training events that form the core of their search and rescue training. After the initial training, new members participate in regular drills throughout the rest of the year.


We respond to requests for assistance from any official agency (police, fire, emergency medical services, etc). Emergency team activation may be initiated by Municipalities and State Agencies only.